Petrus, Margaux, Yquem, Lafite Rothschild – Wine Thefts Escalate In France

Paris & Bordeaux, 21 November


The theft of €400 – €600K in fine wines from the Maison Rostang, a venerable 2-Michelin star Parisian restaurant made headlines this summer after police found a tunnel dug underneath into their cellars.

Contact to prevent loss/theft of your fine wines.

Approximately 15O bottles were stolen by thieves who apparently were able to squeeze through an opening just 50cm wide. The collection of the great chef is said to have included Petrus and Domaine Romanée-Conti.  That was July, 2019 when the theft occurred during a Sunday night.


Contact to prevent theft/loss of your fine wines

Fast forward to November 3rd, Bordeaux. Just a few weeks ago, another massive theft was suffered by a wine collector and ‘courtier’ of wine in Bordeaux. Thieves broke into the personal cellar of this wine tradesman/agent’s home and made off with €500K worth of fine wines. This cache included First Growths such as Chateau Margaux, Lafite Rothschild, Yquem and also the elusive Pétrus.


Wine Thefts On The Rise Globally – Contact to prevent theft/loss of your wine and fine spirits.


What’s going on?

And How Can YOU Prevent Theft Vulnerability of Your

Fine Wines?


Wine thefts have escalated in recent years. And not just in France. It is a global phenomenon. In the past decades a trend has arisen where great collectors will stock their cellars and then borrow against their Ali Baba’s treasure trove. But more and more, not keeping these gems in a steel vault is a BIG mistake. Earlier in the spring the Burgundy house, Domaine Forey, suffered a loss of £100K when 998 bottles, including 9 Magnums and 43 Jerobaums were stolen in a stealth of night heist.


How To Prevent Theft of Your Fine Wine

The company, started in 2018, has synergized

the use of smart sensors and smart technology to thwart

thieves and fraudsters in the wine business.

This innovative start-up has married the newest iteration of smart sensors, ultra-thin traceable electronics, and the Internet of Things network, to give every wine owner and cellar keeper, the ability to track, monitor and trace their precious holdings of rare wine in real-time.


How It Works – Tracking Your Wine in Real Time by Temperature, Movement & Geo-Location



Integrate the paper-thin (or small watch battery size)  smart sensors into your cases or bottles of wine. IoT provides the smart sensors and then customizes software that syncs to your smart phone, tablet or desktop so you can monitor your valuable assets in real-time.

As soon as any movement or temperature change is detected, you are alerted on your phone or desktop, in real time. True for change in location, too.

So, for example, back in 2017 when thieves broke into a famous liquor store in Paris’ chic Saint-Germain des Près neighborhood and made off €700K worth of rare and fine, aged whiskeys, had the owners integrated smart sensors onto the bottles, they would have been alerted in real time that their goods were being carried away.




So if you own, or are thinking of purchasing, rare and valuable bottles of wine, cognac, port, whiskey or other fine spirits,  contact today so that your valuable assets are protected against THEFT and/or FRAUD.

For just pennies per bottle, you will have the protection you need against such irreplaceable and heartbreaking loss.   ‘Never Lose Track of Your Assets.’ 

Monitor your wine, champagne, whiskey, cognac and fine spirits in real-time by temperature, movement and geo-location.


*Check out the 1 minute explainer video on the website 



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