Episode 13 Paris GOOD food + wine

posted by Paige Donner 

Happy New Year!

Episode 14 of Paris GOOD food + wine airs Sunday morning at 11 a.m. January 10th on World Radio Paris.

Catch it on replay on WRP or at the iTunes store.

Paris GOODfood+wine on WorldRadioParis
Paris GOODfood+wine on WorldRadioParis

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a fantastic start to 2016 for Parisians and all people around the world.

For this episode of Paris GOOD food + wine, I’m bringing you two in-depth interviews with fascinating personalities who contribute to the Paris culinary landscape just by being themselves.

First up we’ll be hearing from talented chocolatier and sculptor, Patrick Roger. When you first get a glimpse of his chocolate sculptures that grace his chic boutiques at some of Paris’ trendiest addresses you can’t help but marvel at the fact that such a work of art was crafted out of chocolate.

Sculptor and master chocolatier, Patrick Roger. photo by Paige Donner http://paigedonnerphotography.wordpress.com
Sculptor and master chocolatier, Patrick Roger. photo by Paige Donner 

Even the Musée Rodin took notice and approached the chocolate maker-sculptor about teaming up for November’s re-opening of the Paris Rodin Museum.

I caught up with the sculptor on the evening of that re-opening back in November with the intention of trying to get inside his artist’s head. The result is a fascinating glimpse into how a passion for chocolate fueled this artist’s love for sculpture and vice-versa.


Restaurant Le Grand Coeur. Read Paige Donner’s review on 10BEST.com 
Listen to Paris GOODfood+wine Episode at iTUNES store.
Listen toParis GOOD food + wine at the iTUNES store.

Next up we’ll be hearing from the young and dashing chef Rafael Gomes. After stints in New York, followed by Menton, on the Cote d’Azur, this native Brazilian is now heading up a new restaurant in the Marais. The restaurant is called Le Grand Coeur, which, of course, means The Big Heart, in French. It’s executive chef-ed by Mauro Colagreco, for whom he worked at Mirazur down in Menton just prior to helping open up this brasserie in Paris last August.


Lastly, I’ve resurrected a report I did while researching my documentary film about Wine and Climate Change back in 2012. At the conclusion of December’s COP 21 climate talks held just last month here in Paris, there has been much hailing of successful resolutions to ward off excessive carbon emissions that many scientists claim are contributing to global warming. The audio I’ve lifted from my short film presentation addresses this issue. It followed on an International NY Times special report I did in 2011 on that very subject, namely wine and the effects of climate change on this delicate crop.

With this December here in France being one of the warmest in recent memory, where pictures from Champagne, France’s northernmost viticultural region, show flowers blooming in the cote des blancs in December, as if it were already Spring, this issue seems to be even more relevant today.

December 2015 Champagne vineyards, Cote des Blancs, France
December 2015 Champagne vineyards, Cote des Blancs, France

So stay tuned as we bring you another episode of Paris GOOD food + wine.


Please leave your comments, questions and suggestions on our page in the iTunes store. You can find the show by searching Paris GOOD food + wine.

Our music interludes are by Christine and The Queens, hit single from her first album ‘Chaleur Humain’ (“Human Warmth)

Listen to Paris GOODfood+wine at the iTUNES store.
Listen to Paris GOODfood+wine at the iTUNES store

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