Oympic Food And Wine In Vancouver

Olympic Food And Wine In Vancouver

Granville Island is Olympic Central for good Eats!

Bridges is the House of Switzerland during the Olympics.  It’s going to be a party in B.C. Canada! The regular menu will be combined with traditional Swiss dishes. They’ll be hosting numerous events and you’ll be able to catch television broadcasts of the Olympic competitions and feats there, too.  Plus, it’s on Granville Island.

Go Fish!

Another Granville fave is Go Fish!  It’s actually right on the docks as you walk from Granville Island toward the Burrard Street Bridge.  They get the freshest fish because they buy it right off the boats, parked alongside the dockside location. There’s nearly always a line, especially on clear sky days.  It’s always well worth the wait. And if the tiny tables are filled up, most people just sit on the seawall and watch the boats go by. This one’s a gem for all of us locavores, especially we who love seafood!

Of course, not to be missed by any account, is the Granville Island fresh local market.  It is Foodie Heaven. No, wait. It is Foodie Nirvana. No, wait. It is a locavore Foodie’s heavenly nirvana!  Schedule some time to linger over all the fresh, delicious and colorful choices. Bring your appetite and be prepared to graze!

More Vancouver Local Food And Wine choices.  Go ahead, explore a little!

Market at Shangri-La –   Indulge in a high-end westcoast meal without breaking the bank. Shhh…it’s still a local’s secret…

Sushi at Tsunami and Shabusen both put you in the heart of the shopping district in Vancouver.  Tsunami has fresh sushi and a variety of other Japanese dishes.  Shabusen is all you can eat sushi.

Pajo’s Fish & Chips – Just off the Steveston docks. Large portions, great fish and great prices.

Beefy Beef Noodle – Tawainese savoury beef noodle soups are great for lunch, and very popular in Vancouver.

Dim Sum at Sun Sui Wah – It’s a busy place, but you can make a reservation.

Griffins – For kids and a great meal, Griffins’ has something for everyone.

All India Sweets – Vegetarian buffet – Meat dishes also available.

Dinner at the Cannery –  Off the beaten path but well worth it. This landmark Vancouver restaurant is losing its lease so be sure not to miss your last chance to take in the view.

Campagnolo – Italian cuisine with  a charcuterie upstairs.

Kam’s Place – curries and Tom Yum soup dished up with friendly service and consistently delicious Singaporean food.

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