Geoduck. pron. “Gooey Duck.”

Geoducks, (panopea abrupta) are giant deep water clams which are found off the coast of British Columbia. They are known by the locals and the Chinese, who prize the exotic shellfish,  as the “elephant trunk clam” due to its large, meaty siphon.  Geoduck is favored for its “incredibly sweet” flavor and “crunchy texture.”

Specimens weighing over 15 pounds and measuring more than 6 feet have been harvested, not infrequently, off the coast of B.C. and Washington. It is one of the largest burrowing clams in the world and one of the Animal Kingdom’s longest-living organisms. In her 100-year lifecycle, the geoduck produces about 5 billion eggs.

Geoduck, crab and mussels.

Geoduck on the beach.

Geoduck are exported live and are extremely popular in Hong Kong, China and Japan. Thes giant clams are considered a rare taste treat. There is some controversy with geoduck farming. In Washington State, citizen and governmental groups have met to discuss the regulation of the industry and its environmental impacts.

Geoduck hotpot.

Cooking demonstration at B.C. Showcase, Vancouver with celebrity chefs.

Sumac Ridge Estates demonstrating the Olympic method of opening a bottle of wine.

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