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A major new step in scientific research into Bourgogne wines has just been taken. The University of Bourgogne, in conjunction with the Regional Council, is creating a center dedicated toVines and wines, called Bourgogne Vigne & Vin. This initiative comes from the belief that no major wine region can do without the back up of top-notch, up-to-date scientific research.

Throughout its long history, Bourgogne has succeeded in adapting its practices to improve the quality of its wines, despite factors that could have permanently damaged production. Biological, chemical or even sociological phenomena affecting the wine sector are often complex. This underlines the necessity for understanding the world which surrounds us.

Current developments in wine production once again provide a rich field for research, including flavescence dorée, Vine wood diseases, and the premature ageing of certain wines. All of these require in-depth study to understand their potential impact.

CherieduVin climats de bourgogne

The new Bourgogne Vigne & Vin center will provide a forum to bring together the various bodies with skill in this field, which are numerous. Bourgogne has unrivaled resources in terms of research: the University Institute of Vine and Wine (UIVV), founded in 1992, is one notable example. One could also cite the dynamism of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Dijon, the UNESCO Chair of Wine Cultures and Traditions, the winemaking schools of Beaune and Mâcon-Davayé, and the initiatives and financing of research at the Technical and Qualitative Center of the Bourgogne Wine Board, among others.

The founding of the Bourgogne Vigne & Vin center will be accompanied by a relaunch of the Northerly Vineyards and Wines Network, which comprises Alsace, Bourgogne and Champagne.

This new entity aims to foster synergies and to coordinate wide-ranging actions. The objective is to present Bourgogne as a region of excellence, to improve legibility and visibility, and to boost recognition on an international level. And above all, to preserve the sustainability of our wine region.

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