144 rue St. Honoré

By Paige Donner

There’s a new sandwich shop in the shadow of the Louvre and it’s called 144. Very catchy name considering it is at 144 rue St. Honoré. I half suspect that its young owner, Italian-French “Tony,” is internet savvy enough to realize that this is the way to rank high in a mobile search. Name your shop the address. Simple.

Local Food And Wine/ Paris - 144 rue St. Honore Lunch Counter Well, it’s good thinking, because on a hot, dusty summer afternoon after you have been traipsing through the priceless halls filled with magnificent artwork that is the Louvre, the last thing you want to do is scurry your way past all the souvenir shops on Rue Rivoli in hopes of finding an affordable place to rest your weary feet and quench your parched throat.

Just one street up from Rue Rivoli and close to Metro stop Palais Royale, 144 is the coffee shop-lunch café that serves up comfort not just in its decor but also in its choice of menu items. Want a bagel and cream cheese? (the real kind, the Kraft Philadelphia kind), you have come to the right place.

144 rue St. Honore Local Food And Wine - Paris144 ru St. Honore - Local Food And Wine - Paris

Want a slice of cheese cake? The NY kind. You can have it. There is also a small salad bar that you pay for by the gram. (A gram is sort of like an ounce but smaller – in case you’re new to the European thing. Think of it like miles and kilometers. Or Fahrenheit and centigrade. Same thing just different.)

Also in the glass lunch counter are delicious Focaccia including a salmon and cream cheese with thin slices of red onions foccaccia that Tony or his staff will toast for you on the spot. There is also the California Bagel, cream cheese and avocado, the Miami Bagel and the Bagel 144.

Pulco - Local Food And WineIt’s not all American, however. There’s also a good selection of Italian choices. And you can have cupcake or a cookie to go with it. Wash it all down with an Orangina, Smartwater or our favorite, Pulco, Les Recettes Citronnade. Very refreshing and no added sugar, coloring or preservatives.

Tony just opened up 144 rue St. Honoré mid April. So give a guy a break and go get your cupcake. Wi-Fi complimentary.

144 Rue St. Honoré, Paris 75001  M. Palais Royale or Louvre Rivoli




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