Clairet Bordeaux AOC – Oscars de Bordeaux 2019: Summer Sipping

Chérie Du Vin

by Paige Donner

Appellation Bordeaux Clairet Controllée

Ni Rouge, Ni Rosé, mais toujours fruité et léger! – Château Penin, Clairet

‘Not red, not rosé, but always refreshingly light and fruity.’

Having tasted my way now through 12 AOC Bordeaux Clairets, I feel qualified to conclude that this is Bordeaux’s answer to the lighter reds of the Loire, Alsace and Burgundy. Like some of those, this wine can be drunk chilled in the summer. It’s also a refreshing alternative to the rampant rosés, mostly from Provence and Languedoc, that populate France’s summertime palate. Never mind that Clairet, as a wine, has been around since the 12th C. All things old are ‘new again!’

In fact, these clairets offer a welcome alternative to a wine that is not quite ‘red’ and certainly not rosé. These are wines of substance, nuance and yet still bursting with fruit and subtle aromatics…

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