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“Front Porch” Q&A With Peter Truitt

by Alison – on March 11, 2010

Peter Truitt, Truitt Brothers

One of the newest members of the Burgerville supply chain family is Truitt Brothers, a Salem, Oregon-based leader in the shelf-stable foods industry and sustainable food production pioneer.  As part of the company’s commitment to preserving wildlife and natural resources, as well taking care of their employees and using sound manufacturing practices, Truitt Bros. became the first Food Alliance certified processor in the country in 2006.

David and Peter Truitt were still in their 20’s when they purchased the original cannery that houses one of the company’s divisions today. Now David manages the field and operations aspects of the business, building direct relationships with local growers and overseeing the processing of over 40,000 tons of pears, beans, plums and cherries each year – including the local cherries in Burgerville’s new Northwest Cherry Chocolate Milkshakes and Smoothies! Meanwhile, Peter focuses on building similarly close relationships with customers, and championing the true value of sustainable food production in the Northwest and across the country.

Okay, so that’s the formal intro. On a personal note, I love working with Peter Truitt. We conducted the interview below through email, yet somehow Peter made it feel like we were having a conversation together while…


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New Compostable Soda Cups and Lids Launch at Burgerville

by Alison – on February 10, 2010 View commentsComments

Now you can compost soda cups at Burgerville

We’re giddy with excitement here at Burgerville today with the official launch of our new, commercially compostable soda cups – especially since we’re the first restaurant chain of our type in the nation to launch them company-wide!

The launch of Burgerville’s new, compostable ecotainer® soft drink cups and lids, in cooperation with our sustainability colleagues at International Paper and Coca-Cola, represents the last major component of our packaging waste stream to go compostable.  The program isn’t perfect yet, and we still have a few non-recyclable or compostable challenges ahead of us, like plastic and foil ketchup and dressing packs, but the soda cups were the last big component to divert out of the landfill!

The hands-on participation and feedback from everyone who eats and works in our restaurants is what really brings our composting, recycling and sustainable packaging system to life. It’s a work in progress, so we’re interested in hearing what you think. What’s working about the program? What’s not working? What ideas do you have to make it easier for more people in our region and in the world to reduce waste and make a difference together by composting and recycling all we can?

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Dr. Temple Grandin Endorses Country Natural Beef

by Alison – on February 05, 2010

Open pasture land of Country Nat. Beef

One of the great pleasures of my work is spending quality time with the local ranchers and farmers who produce food for the Burgerville table. Twice a year, the family rancher-owners who make up the Country Natural Beef cooperative, and who produce all of Burgerville’s 100% natural beef, come together and Burgerville gets to participate. The ranchers start and close their business meetings in one big circle, and each ranching man, woman and child has an equal voice. They make all of their business decisions by consensus and from a shared vision of raising their animals in harmony with the land.

Pause with me and imagine this — a circle of independent, strong willed, western ranchers, sitting together in a circle, listening to each other, young and old, and making consensus decisions for the common good of their coop, the environment, their animals and their customers. It’s the purest demonstration of democracy-in-action I’ve ever experienced!

Over the past year, Burgerville has been collaborating with Country Natural Beef, Food Alliance, New Seasons Market and others on a next generation of animal welfare standards, as Country Natural Beef continuously improves and leads the industry. The cooperative has also…


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