Vancouver Sampler – Wines, Chefs, Restaurants

Get a sampling of some of Vancouver’s Culinary Stars – Establishments, Chefs and Wines. Consider this a starter-kit for your Vancouver Culinary Adventure and Exploration…

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Le Vieux Pin. From South Okanagan's Black Sage Road. Also try Apogee.

Read More about Okanagan Food And Wine, including the new Spring releases, here >>>

Vikram Vij of Vij's Restaurant. A main anchor in B.C.'s Foodie Culture.

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Like sustainable seafood? Coast started Oceanwise in cooperation with the Vancouver Aquarium.

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iReport —

Vancouver is a FOODIE town. 9 Reasons why!

Video 1: Introduction by Gold Medal Olympian, Alex Bilodeau

Video 2: Tojo invented the California Roll in 1974. See him show you how to make step by step.

Video 3: Iron Chef Rob Feenie shows you how to make his Sable Fish dish in his Test Kitchen.

Video 4: Lesley Stowe introduces a new product soon to be in your pantry – Raincoast Crisps

Video 5: Vij’s is a unique place for the Lady Cooks.

Video 6: Jean-Georges samples a local wine.

Video 7: Johnny Lyall introduces Japadog

Video 8: Kirin’s Gold Medal Meal

Video 9: Food & Wine at Coast

Video 10: Apples & Champagne at Boneta

video by: Chris Morrow

CNN producer note
ChrisMorrow covered the Winter Games in Vancouver this year. While she was there, she took time to scope out the best food in the city and interviewed the best chefs. – zdan, CNN iReport producer

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