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Nat Decants Food & Wine Matcher

Ranked the  1 wine app on App World and recommended in the New York Times.

If you love pairing food and drink, you?ve just found the most comprehensive, trusted and delicious guide for BlackBerry® Bold™ and BlackBerry® Curve™. The best-selling Drinks Matcher, by sommelier Natalie MacLean, named the Worlds Best Drink Writer at the World Food Media Awards, gives you more than 380,000 pairings at your fingertips.

You will find matches for every dish, including appetizers, cheeses, main courses and desserts. Never get stuck in a liquor store or restaurant wondering which bottle to choose again. It is like having a personal sommelier and a bartender at your side.

From Nat Decants Blog:

Ever since I launched my first wine mobile app last year, my readers have asked me if their smartphones could scan a bar code or label and voila, there’s all the information on the wine?

It’s a lovely fantasy that both wine lovers and wine app developers share (what we used to call vapour-ware in the high-tech biz mostly used for demo and PR purposes). It’s just not a reality.

However, I owe my readers a quick overview of the options, especially with the launch of my new mobile app a few weeks ago. As a double geek (wine and high tech), I love following the latest technology trends:   Read More Nat Decants Here >

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