Episode 4 GOODfood+wine

GOODfood+wine aka Paris GOODfood+wine © Paige Donner 2014

Paris GOODfood+wine airing on World Radio Paris
Paris GOODfood+wine airing on World Radio Paris

Episode 4 

  1. Climats de Bourgogne  by Paige Donner – Interview with Guillaume D’Angerville
  1. Emily Dilling Interview by Paige Donner – In studio interview with our GOODfood+wine fresh market reporter
  1. Chef Singer (formerly) of Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School Paris –  Interview by Gabrielle Mondesire
  1. Restaurant Review L’Amarante – Paige Donner interviews Alec Lobrano, Paris restaurant critic,  in-studio

Episode 4 airs on World Radio Paris on April 5th, Easter Sunday, at 11am. Listen for it at the same time the rest of the month or on-demand, streaming at WorldRadioParis.fr/listen-again

In this episode of Paris GOODfood+wine ….

You’ll be hearing from one of Burgundy’s most knowledgeable proponents of their UNESCO World Heritage candidacy which at present is being considered for inclusion as a world cultural site of outstanding universal value,

map climats de bourgogne

Next Emily Dilling, our market report regular contributor stops by the World Radio Paris studios to chat with us a bit and tell us about her upcoming book release.

photo courtesy tastings.fr

Then Gabrielle Mondesire shares her interview with the former head chef of Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu cooking school where she works as a translator.

And, finally, Alec Lobrano brings us his newest bistro pick, L’Amarante, which happens to also be a hot new Paris address that has several of his French restaurant critic peers abuzz these days, too.

Amaranthe - bottles on bar

photo courtesy AlexanderLobrano.com

This episode of GOODfood+wine was brought to you in part by the generous support of FUSAC. FUSAC.fr is Paris’ expat community resource and infomation publication since 1988.


And by the generous support of Paris Food And Wine

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