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by Paige Donner

Today’s episode of Paris GOODfood+wine from this springtime in Paris is an interview with renowned Restaurant Critic, Andy Hayler, a quick tutoial on CBD Edibles, and a short report on Food Waste In Paris.



To start the show off today, I present a CBD Tutorial with a footnote on CBD Edibles


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The short video that you’ll find in the show notes here takes you through a quick explainer as to how cannabidiol, or CBD, works organically and systemically with the human body’s own endo-cannabidiol system.

Succinctly put, we have receptors throughout our bodies that bind instantly with cannabidiol, or CBD, healing properties to bring about homeostasis.

The benefits can be felt and seen in instances of body inflammation and brain inflammation and stress. Some disorders where it has notably had positive effects is on Immune Dysfunction, Thyroid, Chronic Infection, Psoriosis and Digestion.

For Brain Inflammation, beneficial effects have been seen to alleviate Migraine, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Insomnia and even Epilepsy. It’s also a known pain reliever as well as promotes detoxification. I highly encourage you to watch this short video explaining, in layman’s terms, cannabidiol’s beneficial effects on the human body .

As you already know, if you listened to my last show, I have just released a cookbook, Le CBD Café Cookbook, that infuses quick’n’easy recipes with CBD oil. The CBD Edibles market in the US and even globally is exploding. So my cookbook, Le CBD Café Cookbook, is a way for you to jump on the beneficial and non-narcotic CBD train and incorporate this holistic food supplement, as it has been designated by the US FDA, into your and your family’s and even your pets’ daily healthy meals.

You can find the video link in our show notes for Episode 45 of Paris GOODfood+wine.



Restaurant Critic Andy Hayler

OK, so now we’re going to turn to our feature interview for our March 2019 episode of Paris GOODfood+wine which is with Restaurant Critic Extraordinaire, Andy Hayler.

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Mr Hayler, a UK resident, has dined in every 3 Michelin star restaurant in the world. Each year he updates his tally to keep up with the newly crowned restaurants and chefs. He is one of the earliest restaurant critics to have migrated his restaurant reviews online, which was all the way back in the mid 90s.

Please note that I do apologize for the audio quality of this interview. There were two factors playing into that, 1. Is that it was a recorded telephone interview and 2. is because I was sitting outside at a café on Place de L’Alma in midday traffic ( whose noises in the background I tried to diminish in post audio production, but which still come through).

np_20150715_jsblog-fd7_935118But despite that, Mr. Hayler’s commentary is enticingly intriguing especially when he dishes on our interview theme of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” of being a restaurant critic.

You can find Mr. Hayler’s reviews at AndyHayler.com where he has 1595 restaurant reviews posted. The restaurants are from all around the world.




Food Waste

And now, before I let you go from this short time we spent together each month, I wanted to touch on the subject of food waste.

Re-fed screenshot Food Waste Solvable Episode 45 Paris GOODfood+wine

In the U.S., we waste 63 million tons of food annually, at a cost of $218 billion. All of this wasted food consumes 20 percent of freshwater, fertilizer, cropland, and landfill space in America. The problem is enormous, but provides vast opportunities for ingenuity, creativity, and imagination in designing solutions, creating a flourishing food waste innovation scene.

Food waste innovators create real benefits by reducing natural resource use, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, providing food to the hungry, and offering cost savings to consumers and businesses.

That excerpt is from the ReFed website. You can find the link here below. Click on Episode 45 of Paris GOODfood+wine.

For innovative IoT Solutions to your food perishables transport and Cold Chain logistics issues contact us at IoTShipping.xyz.


For Action Roadmaps, go to Re-Fed’s download page:


When it comes to Food Waste in Paris, there are two relatively recent developments worth noting:

A new bio-waste recycling initiative in Paris began in 2017 with 3,200 food waste bins being distributed .

120,000 residents in the capital’s 2nd and 12th arrondissements were given the opporutnity to more conveniently compost their biodegradables. Meaning they could put their carrot peels, egg shells and tea bags into a brown recycling bin instead of the ordinary bin.

Parisians are already accustomed to sorting their trash into 3 separate bins: 1. for glass, 1 for plastics, wrappings, cartons and paper packaging and 1 for everything else. So this adds a 4th bin for compostable biodegradables.


Now, is this useful and is it necessary or even helpful?

Well, according to a 2017 article in the local press,

Parisians Waste More Food Than Anyone Else in France

The article states:

Parisians are guilty of wasting nearly a third more food than anywhere else in France and it’s costing them dear.

Each Parisian wastes nearly 26kg of still packaged and edible food every year.

That figure represents nearly three times the waste seen elsewhere France.

So why are Parisians chucking away so much food? Is it because the capital’s famously image conscious residents are looking after their waistlines more than elsewhere in France?

Not quite. Experts say it seems to be down to their love of eating out.

Apparently, if people living in the French capital consumed more sensibly and threw away less of the food, they would save around €400 per household per year.

City Hall in Paris doesn’t need convincing.

Facing 59,000 tonnes of annual waste in Paris, and having launched a campaign against the phenomenon 2015

You can listen to this podcast on Parisians wasteful eating habits by going to Soundcloud.com and clicking on Episode 45 of Paris GOODfood+wine.

Now, shifting our focus onto solutions, turning to the digital sphere, there’s a mobile app called

Too Good To Go – It’s a Food App used by Les Halles businesses.

The Too Good To Go mobile app allows restaurants at Les Halles to sell their unsold articles at the end of the day.

Designed in 2015, Too Good To Go saves restaurants and grocery stores from having to toss many unsold perishables into the garbage bin. The app puts restaurants in touch with consumers so that the unsold items can be sold for a discounted price.

The app is synced by geolocation, so you can find the participating storekeepers in your area and order your ‘surprise basket’ then pick it up directly at the store at the indicated collection time.

Participants include restaurants,bakeries,delicatessens and supermarkets,

Read the full article in French or English by finding the link on our show notes at Episode 45 Paris GOODfood+wine, on LocalFoodAndWine.wordpress.com

OK, that’s all for now The sun is back out today tomorrow is officially springtime in Paris, and it’s time to take my dog for a walk along the Seine.

À tres bientot!

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