Pacific Kissed B.C. Oysters

Comox Valley on Vancouver Island is not only the where the locavore community was born in B.C. but also where much of the region’s best shellfish comes from.  If you are lucky enough to be in Vancouver during the shellfish season, look for the Pacific Kiss oyster, B.C.’s renowned shellfish that has a sustainably farmed stamp of approval. Pacific Kiss affiliate partners are providing 12 different kinds of shellfish to be served side-by-side.  Participating restaurants are Monk McQueen’s Restaurant and Patio and Joe Fortes Seafood and Chophouse.

British Columbia boasts some of the richest shores found throughout the world. There are over 1,000 oyster farmers caringly growing dozens of varieties of world-class oysters along those shores. Eating oysters in B.C. is eating locally sourced, sustainably cultivated food. In fact, when you choose to eat oysters in B.C. you are supporting a small farmer and a rural community.

The Pacific Kiss platter is offering a tasting of oysters, their full flavors offered side-by-side, giving a rare culinary experience to savor and compare the subtle differences in Beach oysters, to deep-water-cultured oysters to those oysters grown by the K’omox First Nations to the tray-cultured beach hardened oyster.  Each of the twelve varieties come from a different coastal region of B.C.  The Pacific Kiss stamp of approval authenticates that the oyster has been grown in a sustainable and environmentally sound way by a registered B.C. Shellfish Association member. Pacific Kiss respects and adheres to both the Sea Kiss and OceanWise programs.

Here is a short video on How To Shuck An Oyster by Nigel McMeans, executive chef at the BlackFin Pub at the Marina in the Comox Valley:

A few more choices for fresh B.C. Shellfish are:

C Restaurant (an Ocean Wise Founding Restaurant Partner)

900 West Lounge – The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – 900 West Georgia Street – 604.684.3131

A Kettle of Fish – 900 Pacific Street – 604.682.6661

Aqua Riva – 200 Granville Street – 604.683.5599

Aria Restaurant & Lounge – 433 Robson Street – 604.602.1999

Okanagan Food And Wine * Vancouver Food And Wine

*Local Food And Wine*

One thought on “Pacific Kissed B.C. Oysters

  1. Hi,
    our oyster, the Okeover, grown by Okeover Organic Oysters in Okeover Inlet, was one of the 12 oyster varieties on the Pacific Kiss platter. The platter enabled many new people to discover our tray grown, beach hardened oyster that we take great pride in growing. Check us out at
    André Comeau

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