Edible Schoolyard And Chez Panisse

The Edible Schoolyard

Local Food And Wine

The Edible Schoolyard (ESY) is a program of the Chez Panisse Foundation.  At ESY, students participate in all aspects of growing, harvesting, and preparing nutritious, seasonal produce.

The Edible Schoolyard, started by the Chez Panisse Foundation.

Students get hands-on experience in the kitchen as well as the garden and all lessons are fully integrated into their class curriculum. Kids learn an appreciation of the natural world and what sustains us as well as using skills such as reading, math, coordinated cooperation, accurate measuring and workspace cleanliness.

The Edible Schoolyard was started in 1995 at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California by Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame. To date, the acre of land that is the Schoolyard Garden boasts, 15 years later,  lush seasonal vegetables, herbs, vines, berries, flowers, and fruit trees.

Some of the teachers blog on the ESY Journal. Here are some excerpts…

By Joyce Lin-Conrad | Published: January 8, 2010

Though it was hard for all of us to come back on Monday from a relaxing, two-week winter break, we had a new grade level waiting for us in the kitchen upon our return. 7th graders bring a different kind of energy to the classroom, and Esther and I can only marvel at how many inches they’ve all grown since the last school year. For their first class back, the students are making a black-eyed peas dish from Ghana that includes red onion, coconut milk, greens from the garden, and at least ten different spices…

By Shaina Robbins | Published: December 18, 2009

There is no snow on the ground in Berkeley around the winter holidays, but that does not mean that here at the Edible Schoolyard we don’t celebrate the changing of the seasons. This week we had our annual holiday wreath making party…When all the students arrived after school they were given a basket, and instructed to collect their materials. The choices were nicely scattered across our oversized picnic table beside the garden, and without any arranging, made a beautiful display…

By Benjamin Eichorn | Published: December 8, 2009

Last winter, in the Edible Schoolyard garden, the 6th and 7th grade students installed a rainwater catchment system that can hold up to 6,000 gallons of water. From October to May, which is our rainy season in Berkeley, we captured and stored over 5,000 gallons of water. Our students calculated that for every inch of rain that falls we will have 200 gallons of water.

The rainwater we collect is used for irrigation purposes during the summer and fall. This process helps us lessen our dependence on municipal water sources and also decreases runoff into the San Fransisco Bay. Currently we are using the rainwater to irrigate our Oyster Mushrooms (the mushrooms have their own story that must be told, but that will have to wait until the next entry). They are fragile and prefer non-chlorinated water, so the rainwater couldn’t be a better match…

Read the complete ESY Journal postings here: ESY Journal

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