Loire Valley Châteaux in Photos

Loire Valley, France

by Paige Donner

Until you’ve actually visited these majestic edifices, the former country residences, hunting lodges and abodes of retreat from court life that France’s Kings, Queens and nobles escaped to centuries ago, they just look like mountains of stone.


But what is so electrifying about walking these halls of steadfast stone and architecture is that they were once, and now, again, still are, filled with life.

There is continuity in human history. Amidst the apocalyptic cries of today’s youthful generation, visiting a 500-yr.-old French château helps to put things into perspective.

All of these French châteaux were extraordinary but my favorites were Château de Chenenceau for its flowing femininity and Château de Vault de Lugny, technically in Burgundy (though equi-distant between Sancerre and Chablis), for its warmth and serenity.

I hope you will enjoy a taste of this magnificence through some shared photos:

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Photos  Paige Donner © 2019 All Rights Reserved. Contact Paige @ PaigeDonner.info for purchase or reprint permission.

Paige Donner writes for USA Today’s 10BEST.com on travel and lifestyle. Watch for her upcoming article on 10BEST.com about best Loire Valley châteaux to visit. @ParisFoodWine  @10BEST  


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