Episode 32: Caféotheque, Caféologie, Terres de Café

by Paige Donner

Episode 32 of Paris GOODfood+wine is all about coffee. But not just any coffee – these are two of Paris’ premier specialty coffee roasters and their passion for coffee transcends the everyday ordinary cup o’ joe…



Cafe. Coffee. Cafeotheque. Cafeologie. Terres de Cafe. Terroir du cafe…

These are terms, some of which you’ve frequently probably already have heard, and a few which might sound new.

NO matter. This episode of Paris GOODfood+wine is all about the coffee renaissance that has taken place here in Paris these past oh, decade or so.

We’ll be speaking with the matriarch of this Parisian specialty coffee cult who is, in fact, the former Guatemalan Ambassador to France. She and her daughter run the much loved Caféotheque right on the quai de l’Hôtel de Ville, just across the bridge from Île St. Louis in the center of Paris.

photos by Paige Donner / FoodWine.Photography © 2017


Gloria Montenegro and her lovely daughter, Christina, have just released a book they co-authored together about coffee. It’s called Caféologie and they wrote it not just in French but also on a strict deadline that has the book out just in time for holiday gift giving. By the time you’re done listening to my conversation with them, all of those coffee terms will sound like old hat.  You can find more information about La Caféotheque by going to their website or facebook page at La Caféotheque. 

We’ll also hear from Lionel Pinot who is one of the principal team members of Terres de Cafe. That’s a café that has quickly earned its cult status reputation here in Paris for its premium sourced specialty coffees. 

Lionel has a background in wine, which serves him perfectly well when it comes to tasting coffee. He’ll explain more about that during our interview.

So, as we coast into yet another Parisian winter and Christmas holiday season, snuggle up by the fire( or at least the heater) with your hands cupped around a nice steaming mug o’ joe, and listen in on how Paris became the capital of supremely sourced, specialty coffees and micro-roasters.


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I’m Paige Donner, the host and producer of Paris GOODfood+wine.

Here’s wishing all our listeners a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah and Kwanzaa and anything else you and your loved ones celebrate at the end of the year.

See you next in 2018!


Enjoy yet another delicious episode here of Paris GOODfood+wine.

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