Pairfection France: Thanksgiving & Costco

by Paige Donner

Every year American expats in Paris brace for another Thanksgiving with or without all the fixin’s. The lucky few get to go home for turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce, and the other lucky few get to have family come over to enjoy the holiday weekend à la French Touch style.  That usually means a requisite stop at Thanksgiving, the iconic Maris food shop, and a fly-through around La Grande Epicerie, where you can find just about anything foodwise your heart desires (TIP: new La Grande Epicerie just opened in Passy, where the old Franck & Fils stood for eons…).

But THIS THANKSGIVING 2017 here in Paris is different.


Because this year we have COSTCO! 

YEP! Believe it or not the American megalithic warehouse superstore has made inroads in France. (Incroyable!) And we can now proudly say that our cultural ambassadors to France are the hamburger (ubiquitous these days) and CostCo!


I personally know about a dozen American expat spouses, both trailing spouses of kindred citizenfolk and expat spouses of French husbands, who have flocked to CostCo -and on opening day, to boot.

(Photo below – Future Plans)


But what has all this got to do with Thanksgiving? Well… what day of the year do we stock up on All The Fixin’s most? If not for Thanksgiving!

Indeed, it is a great excuse to head on out towards the Paris suburb of posh Versailles and make that shopping pilgrimage matter.

Costco Connectioni Matches made in heaven

It’s such a celebratory date that I pirated this screenshot (above) from CostCo’s own pages about wine and cheese Pairfections.  That’s cheese and wine pairings Made In Heaven to you and me.  So, what do you think readers? We can all weigh in on our favorite wine and cheese pairings and coax CostCo to sponsor a wine and cheese day à la Française for the holidays with a French Touch?!


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