Summertime Oscars in Bordeaux

Chérie Du Vin

by Paige Donner

Move over MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), Bordeaux has once again rolled out its Oscar picks in time for summer. But in good Bordeaux taste, these Oscars have nothing to do with films, and everything to do with good wine.


In its 7th year now, each spring, 100 women in Bordeaux get together and blind taste hundreds of whites, rosés, clarets and sparkling wines from the Bordeaux region. Of these, the initial selection is pared down to 35 in each category and then those are whittled down to 6 winners.


This year’s “Les Oscars de l’éte’ of Bordeaux are:

Bordeaux Crémant

  • Perle de Tutiac
  • Les Cordeliers Grand Vintage
  • Lateyron
  • Celene <Saphir>
  • Louis Vallon
  • Perles de Garrineau


  • Château La Freynelle
  • Château la Bretonnière
  • Château Sainte Catherine
  • Clairet de Lisennes
  • Cuvée French Kiss
  • Le Clairet de Boutinet


  • La vie in Rosé du Château Landereau
  • Château du…

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