25: Paris GOOD food + wine – French Oysters and Tea

by Paige Donner


Gillardeau Oysters and French Tea Tasting

Ahhh yes, it’s March once again and that of course means that spring is just around the corner. For this episode of Paris GOOD food + wine I’m letting you in on a couple of my secrets. These are French secrets to keeping in good health and good spirits during the long winter months, – namely oysters and tea.

The simple prescription is to consume both in generous amounts.

First up is my interview with Véronique Gillardeau, otherwise known as the Oyster Queen. This charming Belgian married into the 3rd generation Gillardeau oyster farming family from France’s Atlantic Coast several decades ago and has shared in the cultivation of this valuable resource ever since.

Ladies, take note, because oysters seem to be a secret ingredient to staying young looking and radiant.


Next up we hear from Olivier Scala whose father bought a tea company in the 70’s called Thé Georges Cannon. Mr Scala has steered his family tea company toward growth and expansion his whole adult life. And now he even has his own son working with him.


Tea consumption in France is markedly on the rise, with 4 out of 5 French people saying that they regularly drink tea. This interview takes place at the delightful Georges Cannon tea house in the very fashionable St. Germain des Pres district on Paris’ Left Bank.

Music provided by FreeSoundTrack.com “Missing u” by John Bannister

Thés George Cannon Tea House 

Gillardeau Oysters


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