Touring Le Cinq’s Kitchens, Paris with Chef Le Squer

by Paige Donner

Every once in awhile there’s a great chef who is as full of fun as he is talented. That chef, in recent weeks, would be Chef Christian Le Squer, the multiple-Michelin starred chef of the Four Seasons Paris George V Hotel. He is the Executive Chef not just for the flagship restaurant, Le Cinq, but also oversees the vast kitchens that prepares hundreds of meals daily for their two other on-site restaurants as well as the non-stop room service.


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On a recent afternoon, during a very priveleged tour of the working kitchens, one of the VIP habitués of this legendary restaurant made a quick stop in the kitchens to stay hello to the Chef himself. So if you see someone here you recognize from blockbuster movies and politics, it’s not that he’s taking up chef’ing as a new calling, it’s simply that he decided to say a personal hello to Chef Christian Le Squer himself, totally unplanned and completely impromptu.


Vive la cusine Française!



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