Atelier Dom Pérignon

Photo by Franck Charel/Agence Jade

Photo by Franck Charel/Agence Jade

Set right in the mythical Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers, where Dom Pérignon is said to have discovered the méthode Champenoise, is now the Atelier Dom Pérignon.

l’Atelier Dom Pérignon à l’Abbaye d’Hautvillers

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All Photos: Franck Charel/Agence Jade

This atelier is open to the general public as well as connoisseurs of fine champagne. Here you can enjoy a tasting of some of the finest of Dom Pérignon champagnes guided by a professional who reveals the sensorial pleasures of the wine as well as its technical composition.

The tastings include a selection of vintages as well as a focus on the perfect pairings with Dom Pérignon champagne.

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