Your Pets Will Dig This Organic Food From Recycled Bags


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Canadian dog food brand, Open Farm, to recycle ALL of their packaging.

Also, for every empty bag sent in, they will make a donation to the sender’s favorite animal charity or rescue organization. As of this week, I know you can purchase OpenFarm at My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop in Vancouver, as well as a few other indie retailers.
Another cool thing worth mentioning: Open Farm is the first dog food in Canada to be ethically raised and sourced, Certified Humane and Certified OceanWise (they’re working with the Vancouver Aquarium), and it’s also the first pet food packaging to be 100% recyclable across the country.

PupTwo PupOne

Canada is one of the world’s top recyclers, making it a natural evolution that they’ve taken their recycling obsession into the realm of empty kibble bags.

There’s a huge trend right now, toward greening pet ownership, whether it’s biodegradable poop bags, all-natural shampoos or, starting now, ultra-eco-friendly dog food.

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