Cat and Doggy Treats, Miamm Meeoww!

by Paige Donner

Sardine tins, chocolate, filled with cookies; All made by a 3-star French Chef!

Sardine tins, chocolate, filled with cookies; All made by a 3-star French Chef

The photos above are of Kléopatre, the new cat at Hotel Le Bristol, Paris. She was welcomed, befittingly, on a palanquin.

These (chocolate) sardine tins, filled with yummy little cookies were made by no less than a 3-Michelin starred chef! Now that’s some kitty kat style!  All photos Paige Donner copyright All Rights reserved.

Delectable little treats for cats and dogs seem to be fairly prolific these days. Still, if you have a dog – or cat – as finicky as mine is, you have to sift through the lot to find the ones they like.

My little Fifi was recently gifted a box of Switties (pron.: sweeteys) by a very smart and savvy press team. (Lord bless smart and savvy press teams!)

They instantly won me over, these little treats, since they come in the form of little miniature macarons.

Awwww. SO cute!

And especially so because they’re made in France. But the real test was if my fussy little dog (people always comment how she’s like a cat in a dog’s cloak) would eat them.

After a couple of false starts, she did! And loved them. I could tell how much she loved them because she would pirate the little morsels away from her bowl and sequester them in her bed before swallowing the little cookie whole. She does that only for the really good stuff.

Try them yourself. Or, rather, have your Fido or Fifi try them for you!

All photos copyright Paige Donner. All Rights Reserved. 

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