World Radio Paris – Paris GOODfood+wine & World of Wine hosted by Paige Donner

World Radio Paris

WRP is Paris’s first-ever all-English radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Editorial Update March 1st 2015:  World of Wine, the five minute weekly program I hosted about wine is now folded into the 30-minute Paris GOODfood+wine radio show I host for World Radio Paris. You can catch the World of Wine episodes featured regularly within the program.  P.D.


World Radio Paris features the weekly program, World of Wine, hosted by Paige Donner.

WRP is the official affiliate for NPR, CBC Radio and BBC Radio. Check us out and hear all about the newest wine releases, events, tips and interviews with France’s winemakers themselves.

Paige Donner - World Radio Paris - Program Host

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World of Wine on World Radio Paris – hosted by Paige Donner


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