Dallet’s Tropical Fruit Macarons – Chef Demo

by Paige Donner

All photos and media c. Paige Donner, Local Food And Wine ’13.

1 Habits de Saveur IMG_0554 c. Paige Donner






Vincent Dallet is one of the not-to-miss patisseries and chocolatiers in the Champagne region. With shops in both Épernay and Reims his chocolate confections, his melt-in-your-mouth chocolate almond croissants, and, of course, his patisserie perfect cakes and macarons all sell out every Sunday morning and each day of the week he’s open as well.

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His wife works the cash register and is always kind and welcoming. Mr. Dallet’s gift to the region, and to gastronomes everywhere with a sweet tooth who happen to find out about his creations, is the « Maca’Bulle » which is a macaron made with an ivory champagne flavored ganache center sunk into a flute of champagne, a sort of macaron-champagne float.


In these photos you’ll see him demonstrating how to make a tropical fruit flavored macaron with a pineapple, mango, passion-fruit coulis. Two guiding priciples he says are to choose fruit at its perfectly ripe perfection – for pineapples this means using your nose and picking the one that smells like honey. And the other secret to perfect macarons is using the right finely ground almonds ; He sources his from a region in Spain that grows the best almonds in the world, he swears by it.

In Reims his shop is called Chocolaterie des Sacres and can be found at 47, cours Jean-Baptiste Langlet.  Chocolaterie-des-Sacres.com.



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