Champagne & French Wine by Paige Donner

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Paige Donner Champagne & French Wine Specialist

It’s summertime and it’s time for champagne sipping.  Ok, well, it’s always time for champagne sipping…

Listen to Paige’s interview here  to hear some great Champagne Tips as well as get some delicious ideas for French rosé wines + food pairings.

Long version 45 minutes includes Paris travel and dining out tips for Girl’s Guide To Paris.  Short version is all about the champagne…

Happy Summering!

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5 thoughts on “Champagne & French Wine by Paige Donner

  1. While tasting a flute de champagne at the Taittinger caves in Reims, a hostess whispered in my ear that one should never clink champagne glasses when toasting. I was wondering what your thoughts are of this. Was this woman correct and I’ve been breaching all manner of champagne etiquette?

    1. Hi Christine – Haven’t heard that one. I think the guiding principle, at least according to my champagne grower friends, is that there’s no wrong way to drink champagne. Whatever gives you pleasure is the right way. And if clinking a glass with your fellow champagne sippers gives you pleasure, then go ahead and clink away!

  2. Really i appreciate for this post. I seen your video it so interesting. Thanks for sharing this post.

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