“Wine from Here” Movie Premiere


“Wine from Here” Movie Premiere
& After-Party at BUZZ Wine Beer Shop
Tomorrow | Thursday Sep 22 | 7pm
The San Francisco Premiere of “Wine From Here: Natural Wine in California” last month
drew critical acclaim from wine experts, such as author and wine journalist Jamie Goode:
“Wine From Here” is a really enjoyable film, beautifully shot.. delivers a really engaging story of the winemakers,
merchants and journalists who are hooked by the pursuit of authenticity in wine..
“Wine From Here” is the first film to explore it in depth.  

The film “Wine From Here” is now making its LA premiere Tomorrow, on Thursday!
This will be quite the night.  Here is the planning:
* 7 pm: screening @ Downtown Independent Theater | 251 S Main Street
* 8 pm: Q&A with lead director * 9 pm: after-party @ BUZZ Wine Beer Shop | 460 S Spring St.
..  a recently-opened natural wine bar, just 2 blocks away!




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