First Lady Gets A Little Fruity

“It’s All About the Fruit TM” Competitive Grants to Promote Nutrition, Sustainability and Volunteerism

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 18, 2010 – Jamba Juice and the National Gardening Association (NGA) today announced a fun, easy way for schools and communities to support nutrition education through gardening and the planting of fruit trees.

“WE Garden is all about bringing communities together to promote a stronger, healthier California,” said California’s First Lady Maria Shriver.  “This new partnership between Jamba Juice and the National Gardening Association will provide ongoing funding for school gardens and establish grants to plant fruit trees.  I applaud their work to support California’s WE Garden program and help take our message to schools across the nation.”

On average, gardening activity burns between 250 and 500 calories an hour.  For children, there’s a great deal of research indicating that gardening also helps them achieve higher test scores; connect to the environment; develop social skills; and improve their attention, focus, and self-esteem.

Sip to Support A GardenTM: Schools and garden organizations that sign up and register for the Sip to Support A Garden program will have the ability to earn year-round funding for their gardens through Jamba’s Community Appreciation Card.  Participation is simple:  Sign up a school garden or organization on-line; the organization will receive a Jamba-Kit that includes swipe cards for supporters, program details and other information; Start swiping — each time a supporter uses the swipe card for purchases at participating Jamba Juice locations, Jamba will donate 12% of the purchase to support gardens.  10% will be donated directly back to the garden organization and 2% will be donated to support school fruit tree grants administered by the NGA.

Pictured in Photos: Maria Shriver and Jamba Juice President and CEO James D. White with student launch Jamba Juice Fruit Tree and Garden Program at State Capitol

Jamba Juice President & CEO James D. White with Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jonathan Raymond, National Gardening Association CEO Mike Metallo with students from Sacramento schools receiving the first 5 $500 fruit tree grants from Jamba Juice

It’s All About the FruitTM Grants: Jamba Juice and the NGA are creating the It’s All About the Fruit competitive grants program where schools can apply and compete for $500 fruit tree planting grants to create long-term sustainable solutions and resources for schools and communities.  To kick off the grant program, Jamba and NGA announced that the first grants are being awarded to five schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District: Oak Ridge Elementary School, Bowling Green K-6 School, Leonardo Da Vinci K-8 School, Will C. Wood Middle School, and Rosa Parks Middle School.  Each school will receive a $500 It’s All About the Fruit grant to plant fruit trees on their school campuses.  Superintendent Jonathan Raymond was present at the Sacramento event to accept the grants along with students from the schools.  The first round of grant applications will be accepted in September 2010 with application requirements announced in July.

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